Every bag has a story

Our articles are hand cut and crafted on site in Lunenburg. The bags are trimmed with sunbrella, leather, or other off-cuts, as well as re-claimed painted canvasses from fine art students. Straps are often constructed from re-claimed car seatbelts. We try to recycle what ever tough materials we can. We make one of a kind bags and specialty items made of recycled sails that have come to us from Nova Scotia and beyond. Each bag/item has a tag to tell the story of the boat in which the sails have come from.

We are master recyclers. Our goal is to divert tough materials from landfills and give them another life! We will gladly accept old or used sails, boat biminis, mooring covers, curtains, off cuts of many production materials (sunbrella, leather, nylon, etc.) if they are in good condition to be put to use in our bags.

Mahone Bay Location

You can find us on-site, selling bags at our shop in Mahone Bay.

Halifax Seaport Market

We can be found at the Halifax Seaport Market by Pier 20 every Saturday